BD Barricor™ Tubes Provide a Fast, Clean, High-Quality Plasma Sample

See the difference: A cleaner sample

How BD Barricor™ Tubes give a cleaner sample

Because the mechanical separator stays open during entire centrifugation allowing more cells to clear, BD Barricor™ tubes give a cleaner sample compared with plasma gel

Why BD Barricor™ Tubes give a cleaner sample

BD Barricor™ tubes provide a plasma sample with less cellular contamination, no gel globules and no fibrin due to insufficiently clotted serum tubes1, compared with gel tubes


All separated plasma tubes have residual cells packed against the separator that can be resuspended with transportation or rough handling in the lab. With fewer cells trapped in the plasma compartment, BD Barricor™ is less susceptible to cellular resuspension than plasma gel tubes.
(As compared to BD PST™ and BD PST™ II 4.5 ml)
Less susceptible
to resuspension

BD Barricor™ provides a plasma sample with less cellular contamination compared with plasma gel tubes.
(As compared to BD PST™ 4.5 ml.)
Less cellular

Compared with plasma gel tubes, the greater analyte stability of BD Barricor™ allows for longer transport times and improved stability for aspartate aminotransferase (AST), potassium (K), phosphate and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH).
(As compared to BD PST™ and BD PST™ II 4.5 ml)

Gel sample after centrifugation

Gel barrier forms in approx. 2 minutes, trapping cells at the bottom of the plasma compartment

BD Barricor™ sample after centrifugation

The BD Barricor™ separator stays open throughout centrifugation, allowing more cells to pass. BD Barricor™ has up to 55% fewer platelets than plasma gel tubes2

No gel artifacts

Plasma gel sample

With gel tubes, sample quality can be compromised by separator artifacts such as gel smearing or globules

BD Barricor™

Because BD Barricor™ uses a mechanical separator, there is no risk of gel artifacts, resulting in a cleaner sample

Gel globule

Gel smearing


Lowers risk of fibrin due to short clotting

Serum gel sample

With serum gel tubes, sample quality can be compromised by fibrin strands or masses

BD Barricor™

BD Barricor™ eliminates the risk of fibrin strands / masses due to short clotting3

Fibrin strand

Fibrin mass


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